Make elements remain at the top of the page, like a sticky menu.


Just drop any stack into the Sticky stack.
Stick to the top.

Define an offset

You can also position the element below the viewport edge. For example, add a 10px offset to create a margin of 100 pixels.
Stick 100 pixels below the top.

Add a Delay

To add a delay to the element, so it becomes sticky only after scrolling a specified distance, you just need to add a negative offset and check the Delay option.
Stick to the top but only after 100 pixels scrolling.


You can add an initial, Passive and Active styles to the Sticky stack, some basic knowledge of CSS is required.
Initial Style
initial style for when the element is sticky for the first time.

Passive Style
Style to add, when element is not sticky.

Active Style
Style to add, when element is sticky.

Responsive Behaviour

You also have the possibility of disabling the sticky behaviour for different devices by adding a breakpoint option to the stack, e.g. 640 pixels (which is the default setting).


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