A collection of smooth animations to use within your page.

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Faster modifier


Ken Burns

Wrap the animation stack with an Utility stack and choose overflow-hidden. You may also set a load target to the image, so images will load based on the viewport visiblity of that element. In this case the Heading above the images was given a class of demo, this class was then entered in the image's target option.

SVG Strokes

The Animation component can be used to animate SVG strokes. The effect looks like the SVG strokes are drawn before your eyes. Here's how to do it:
  • On the parent stack add the class uk-animation-toggle
  • On the SVG stack enable animation then enter uk-animation-stroke in the custom CSS field
  • Use uk-animation-reverse to revert the animation
SVG strokes animation can also be combined with the Parallax component, example here.
NoteHover the images on desktop or touch the images on mobile to trigger the animation.
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