Learn how to download and install UIkit for RapidWeaver


You will need RapidWeaver and Stacks plugin.

RapidWeaver is a web-design program for the Apple Macintosh, it will not run under Windows operating systems. You may download RapidWeaver from the Realmac website:

Stacks is arguably the best and most used plugin for RapidWeaver, known for it's flexibility and easy of use. You may download Stacks from the YourHead website:

UIkit for RapidWeaver is a set of elements for Stacks plugin, also called stacks. In short you'll must have the following:
  • RapidWeaver 8 or Classic.
  • Stacks 4 and higher.

Download and install

Installing Uikit for RapidWeaver is as simple as double-clicking on the theme and stacks icons in the downloaded package. The single stack icon will install all stacks from the package.

Optionally you can drag the icons from the downloaded package and drop them into the RapidWeaver icon in the dock. Restart RapidWeaver to complete installation.

Included projects

The expanding number of included projects are a great start point, so you can develop your own project easily. Also make intensive use of the Test project, as it contains many examples and variations of all stacks and components combinations. You may also copy examples from the projects and paste into your own.