Easily create nice looking forms.

Form include many integrated stacks and components:
  • Control stack for radio buttons
  • Range stack
  • Check button stack
  • Human test stack
  • Recaptcha stack
Note Form requires that PHP is installed on your server.





Enable validation for existing fields in the form. For example: enable email validation for an input named email.

Validation available are: email, subject, message and number. You can also set a custom field and a group validation. Group validation works for controls, like the radio and check-box.

Human test

  • Enable Human Test at Form settings.
  • Type the right answer in the Human Test stack, example 10.
  • Then, in the Input stack, type human in the name input.
  • For the question use the Label stack or the placeholder of the Input stack.
Note This is just an example, no validation is applied.


  • Enable ReCaptha at Form settings.
  • In the ReCaptcha stack enter your sitekey, get a free one at Google ReCaptcha website.

States modifiers

These states are applied automatically upon verification.



Form with icons

Form and grid

Use the Grid stack inside the Form to define the layout.

Custom template

By default mail messages are configured as name fields are entered in a form. We may also configure our mail messages dynamically using the custom template option, here's how:
  • In Form options enable Custom Template
  • Surround each input name with double braces, example:
    Hello! {{name}} sent you a new message: {{message}}

Honeypots and security

Honeypot is a technique to help you block spammers and bots that could attack your website forms. These attacks are also logged and can optionally be sent by mail. Enable honeypots at the Form security section:
  • Enter a character or string or hash contained in the input field names which are actually honeypot input fields. For example '--' is the default. Be careful with non-alpha numeric characters.
  • Do not use: # + = " ' \ / ? & ^ % $ @ . , : ; | <> () (alone or combined)
  • Ok to use: - _ ! or combined, or any alpha-numeric string.
  • Always test the form with the identifier character or string.