A growing collection of video tutorials to help you in getting familiar with the concepts of the UIkit framework and the stacks elements.

Getting Started


Installation of UIkit Pro and Plus

In this short video we can learn how simple is to install all stacks and the theme.


Get organized and ready to start, choose the theme and add the Customizer to the page.

Customizer and Typography

Basic usage

Let's start by assigning font families, with the help of Typography stack.

Local Fonts

Using local hosted fonts is easy, use Typography stack and RapidWeaver resources.

Basic elements

Container and Background

In this video you'll get the basics these two components, as well as the Invert stack.

Grid and Width

Get to know the UIkit grid system, using the Grid and Width stacks.

Image and Overlay

Image is a powerful stack and used in many components, like the Overlay stack.

Navbar and Offcanvas

Learn about the flexible Navbar and how it works with the Offcanvas stack.

Offcanvas for mobile navigation

Built a mobile navigation using the Offcanvas and Nav stacks.

Navbar Inverse

Learn how to enable the inverse option for the brand and navigation.


Simple email form

Learn how to setup a simple email form using the Form stack and it's components.

Custom template

Configure your email messages just the way you want with the custom template option.



Learn to use the Image, Transition, Position and Slidenav stacks with the Slider.


Make a simple slideshow using the Slideshow stack and the Thumbnav for navigation.


In this short video we will learn the basics of Search stack.


Enable search in Navbar and get the results in another page.


Use 3rd-party stacks for the search results, like the Rapidsearch by Stacks4Stacks.

Other elements

How to use the background image feature of the Icon stack.
Learn how to work with the Lightbox and to make a gallery of images.


Add parallax effects to the Background stack and more.
Learn how easy is to use the Sortable stack with Grid and Card stacks.

More videos are on the way