Migrate an existing UIkit project to the latest version

Many changes were made to the new version, reflecting the developments of the UIkit framework. Most changes are taking effect on the background, but in some stacks the settings had to be changed so check the list below before uploading your pages made with the previous versions.

Migration from 3.4 to 3.5


Form has been re-written with a new pure Javascript validator and related scripts, therefore many settings were adjusted or added. Remake your Form using the new version, otherwise old scripts will be retained in the page and will make the stack to malfunction.

New settings are available for SMTP transmission, check these settings if you are using the Form to send from a server email to another server email, example admin@mywebsite.com to info@mywebsite.com.


Version 3.5 takes full advantage of the built-in UIkit Framework, without the need of jQuery. Use the new jQuery stack on the top of the page, in case any 3rd party stack needs the library. All other stacks in the UIkit package will run in pure Javascript and without the need of jQuery.

Navbar inverse option

The script behind the inverse changed, check if your inverse effect is working as expected.

Navbar - Menu Builder

Navbar Parent drop-down settings changed, reflecting the latest developments in the UIkit framework. Check the new settings for the Parent Columns and Parent Stretch drop-downs and now there is no option to set a target container.

Offcanvas colors

Offcanvas background and element colorus were removed from the main styles sheet, so check your Offcanvas styling for any changes.


New settings were introduced and old start and ending points were deprecated. Also deprecated is the viewport option, use the end setting to calculate the viewport value. Following the framework guides, simply calculate 1 minus your viewport value and multiply it by 100vh + 100%. Here are some examples:
40vh + 40%
50vh + 50%
70vh + 70%


Changes in top and bottom settings renamed to start and end.