This component provides the default style for all HTML elements.

<abbr> Define an abbreviation using the abbr element with a title.
<b> Create bold text with the b element.
<cite> Define the title of a work with the cite element.
<code> Define inline code snippets using the code element.
<del> Mark document changes as deleted text using the del element.
<dfn> Create a definition term using the dfn element with a title.
<em> Emphasize text using the em element.
<i> Set off part of a text by using the i element.
<ins> Mark document changes as inserted text using the ins element.
<kbd> Use a keybord input element to display input in the browser's default monospace font.
<mark> Highlight text with no semantic meaning using the mark element.

Create a paragraph using the <p> element

<q> Define inline quotations using a “q element ‘inside’ a q element”.
<s> Define text with a strikethrough using the s element.
<samp> Define sample output with a samp element.
<small> De-emphasize text for small print using the small element.
<span> Define an inline-container using the span element.
<strong> Imply extra importance using the strong element.
sub element..
sup element.
<u> Define underlined text using the u element.
<var> Define a variable using the var element.