Get familiar with basic setup and overview of UIkit for RapidWeaver


The UIkit framework is a front-end open source project developed by Yootheme in Hamburg, Germany. Loaded with an array of responsive components with consistent naming conventions and exceptionally modularity, UIKit has become one of the most popular front-end frameworks to date.

UIkit for RapidWeaver brings the UIkit framework to RapidWeaver, combined with a custom built back-end interface made for the Stacks plugin. UIkit for RapidWeaver is developed by Archetypon in São Paulo, Brazil.

Modular design and re-usable items

Using UIkit for RapidWeaver you'll notice that many elements are made into inline stacks: Button, Image, Video and Height are a few examples. This approach allows these elements to be used into other stacks. As an example the Image stack can be used in Card, Slider, Slideshow etc. Another example are the Buttons that can be easily used in many stacks like the Navbar, Table and so on.

Navigations in Slider and Slideshow are also modular: you can use either the Dotnav, Slidenav and Thumbnav positioned anywhere into the container with the help of the Position stack.

Many elements are available as stand-alone stacks and as well as embedded into other ones. For example the Animation settings can also be found in Overlay, Position settings are also available in Background stack.

Package contents and basics

The downloaded dmg file contains the following:
  • UIkit theme
  • UIkit stacks
  • Resources folder with projects and added package information

Novice and advanced users

UIkit stacks and theme gives you everything you need to get started without writing a single line of code. However every stack has options for advanced users, with input fields for ID and custom classes. Some stacks also have custom a attribute field, like the Base and Width stacks.

This allows for the use of already existing UIkit classes into stacks, for example the Flex stack classes uk-flex uk-flex-middle can be used in many elements to align items vertically.

Browser support

UIkit for RapidWeaver inherits browser compatibility from both the UIkit framework and Stacks plugin. Long story short: UIkit will work on pretty much any modern browser.